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Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 2012 Totals

335 - Credit cards
4960 - Car
0 - Student loans

5160 - Total Debt

2639 - Stocks/Emergency Fund
57433 - 401K
3171 - Roth IRA

63243 - Total Savings

Net worth - 58083

Moving along! Getting married in less than 3 months, so most of my available cash (not the IRA, 401K) will be applied toward that. Immediate goals after that will be to handle any outstanding payments for the wedding and honeymoon (though the plane tickets, at least, were FREE thanks to my diligent use of the Southwest card!), then, longer term, to address the HELOC my fiance has taken out to pay for some home repairs, making aggressive payments on his mortgage (since I won't me making that rent payment every month!), paying off my car and taking away that monthly payment, and saving all the while (and hoping that the markets cooperate) to the next milestone - a 6-figure net worth!


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