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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 06 Totals

June Totals

4978 - Credit cards
9424 - Car
32883 - Student loans

47285 - Total

This feels like it is taking/is going to take forever.

I have to try to remember that knocking away a solid $1000 in debt, after interest, in even a crappy month (these June totals reflect my May activities, from the paycheck for time worked in April - I missed some work from being sick and May was therefore a tight month, sigh) is a good thing.

I am racking up the points with my checking account! I have 12000+ now and with 20000+ I can get either $40 cash or $50 credit to certain stores. I'm not advocating frivolous spending, but it might be good to get some new clothes for work.

I still haven't gotten an $88 check for an odd job I did over a month ago now. I'm on the phone a couple of times a week with these people! I know it is not a ton of money, but I don't know how they can have such a hard time getting their act together. Other family members of mine worked the same event and were paid without incident...

Am also participating in a study at one of the universities for $20. Every bit counts.