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Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 06 Totals

1975 - Credit cards
8670 - Car
32875 - Student loans

43520 - Total

I've been working so much lately! I didn't get to make as much headway as I wanted to on my credit cards because I had to spend another couple hundred on some clothes for work. At least I did so during the great Labor Day sales!

I wish I could pay my credit cards off by next month but I don't have $2275 free. Haha, maybe if I didn't eat for a month. I will see if I can do some extra work somewhere for some extra cash. Almost there! Man, I'm so close I can taste it.

My credit score has been going up and up since I've been whittling these down. It was hovering around 675-690 for a long time. In August, my TransUnion score was 710, and I just checked yesterday, and Experian says my score is 730! Getting there, though I have a bad habit of thinking of credit scores like SAT scores, telling myself "Once you pass the 700 mark, you can basically stop trying." Not so much! Haha.

I'm so excited about how much money I will have freed up once I have paid the cards off. Sure, it will be going toward debt management, but at least a car payment and federal student loans are much more noble things to be in debt for, you know?

I fully admit that Christmas shopping will derail me a bit, too, I know, although I am already pre-empting that by trying to find ways to spend less money, one of which is to use points from my bank card rewards program to get things like restaurant gift cards that I'll use as gifts. I don't really care about Christmas that much myself, but I always have to get some things for my immediate fam.