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Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 08 Totals

1926 - Credit cards
0 - Car
20695 - Student loans

22621 - Total Debt

825 - Emergency Fund
9007 - 401K
143 - Roth IRA

9975 - Total Savings

Net Worth: -12646

Well, I am back from Europe! It was completely worth it, but my finances took a big hit. I depleted my savings a lot, and my savings are not earning very much now, either.

It's scary, after about $700 in contributions to my 401K this month, it is still worth LESS than it was last month. I guess that is good around dividend time though,

So, I have some CC debt to tackle and I need to beef the EF up again as well. I can do this. August is one of those magic-three-paycheck months! And I'll be disciplined. I am getting too close to my goals to not be.

And, at least, the trip was super fun!