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Monday, December 29, 2008

December 08 Totals

1226 - Credit cards
0 - Car
15241 - Student loans

16467 - Total Debt

19 - Emergency Fund
10050 - 401K
375 - Roth IRA

10444 - Total Savings

Net Worth: -6023

Oh GOD my credit card just got out of hand in the last week or two, hastily doing some Xmas shopping, taking visiting relatives out to eat, blah blah, the holidays. I don't believe too hard in New Year's resolutions - I feel like you should strive to fix what needs to be fixed at whatever time of the year it is - but I need to reel in the spending!

My pal G's recent mention of selling a few used books online reminds me to list a few things on to bring in a few bucks.

Considering that my car is worth about $6500 right now, I think I reached my goal of achieving a positive net worth this year, though it feels like cheating to say so. Having credit card debt at all makes me feel so scummy anymore.

Still moving in the right direction tho, if sloppily...

Here's to BECOMING DEBT-FREE IN 2009! Sooner rather than later. I doubt I'll hit my goal of getting there by March (unless I find a few grand on the sidewalk or something) but let's shoot for June. In my heart, I know that will also be a stretch too, but I work best under pressure!