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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 2011 Totals

405 - Credit cards
5548 - Car
0 - Student loans

5953 - Total Debt

1477 - Stocks/Emergency Fund
48414 - 401K
2604 - Roth IRA

52495 - Total Savings

Net worth - 46,542

Wow, I haven't updated this in a while. But I have been plodding along, and too busy for most of the end of this year, when my side crafts business takes off. It's paid off! Now I've finally gotten my credit card down to a level where it can always be paid off with my next paycheck, and have my manageable car payment as my only other debt, though I'd like to pay that off sooner than scheduled, to save on interest.

I sold some of my emergency fund stocks to fund, in part, a loan of $1,500 to a relative that I don't expect to be repaid anytime soon. Sometimes we must do such things. I'm building that back up and hoping to also rebuild my straight-up cash reserves. Getting several dollars a month in dividends, which is small but feels exciting. I need to get better at making my money work for me. It is, though: in spite of the market fluctuations, my Roth IRA is at $2604 after my contributions of $2300. Hopefully there will be a lot more growth in the next 30 years!

I was able to make Christmas a little more thriftily grand by giving $150 in gift cards that I got for free from points from using my Southwest Chase card. I got a free tank of gas by donating blood, and a book of coupons to local restaurants. I got an insane amount of new clothes yesterday -- 4 pairs of jeans, a dress, 5 sweaters, several t-shirts and casual shirts, lots of socks and boxers for my boyfriend -- for $160 at the post-holiday sales. A moderate splurge. The jeans are from a store that I consider very reliable; I don't plan to wear them all right now, but the ones I am wearing now will wear out someday.

I'm feeling good. Here's to a prosperous 2012 for all!