Rich in Spirits

Net worth in the six figures!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

November 2013 Totals

383 - Credit cards
0 - Car
0 - Student loans

387 - Total Debt

3155 - Stocks/Emergency Fund
94155 - 401K
5077 - Roth IRA

102387 - Total Savings

Net worth - 102,004

I have finally achieved a 6-figure net worth! One small goal - which doesn't mean a ton in the long run. I'm going to keep it all up. But it still feels good. This is a slightly skewed view, as being married means that there is a lot else going on. We are continuing to operate debt-free. We want to purchase a new house in the spring, and are saving as aggressively as possible for that (in an interest-earning savings account through the small local bank we hope to fund our house purchase). It seems that it will be possible to purchase a new house without it being critical that we sell the one in which we currently live. That is the best feeling! The current house needs a variety of updates and maintenance, and doing that all once we are no longer living in it will be the easiest way. Whether we then sell the house, or keep it and rent it out, is yet to be seen. Neither one of us are super-excited about the idea of being landlords, but I have heard friends mention recently that there is a dearth of options for renters in our city. So maybe there is a need that we could fill. Stay tuned. We continue to make the paid-for farm share, which ends later this month, the bulk of what we eat, aiming to waste no part of it. We eat out once in a while, and try to do that without guilt! I continue to use my Southwest card for as much as I can. We went to Florida for free this year - AND earned another pair of free round-trip tickets to anywhere AirTran flies as a result of our flight being delayed a few hours. I also just went to Chicago for free. I am also planning to fly my parents somewhere next year for a milestone birthday. Progress is good - life is good!