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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

November 07 Totals

November 07 Totals

0 - Credit cards
0 - Car
28912 - Student loans

28912 - Total Debt

2020 - Emergency Fund
4621 - 401K

6641 - Total Savings

Moving along, moving along.

Trying to get back on track with putting $1300 a month toward loan debt (this was my aim - or more, even, if I could). And any extra that I can scrounge up!

A couple of things made me a little discouraged, though they aren't really setbacks or anything...just, depending on how you look at numbers, things could seem better or worse than they are. For example, I realized that I am not yet vested, and only about two-thirds of that 401K total is actually mine at the moment. Which, still, is not too shabby, and growing fast.

In addition, my boss told me that I was getting a bonus, and I assumed that taxes and all would be taken out as normal...but I had no idea! I lost over $600 of it to taxes (it was taxes more heavily than my normal pay) AND, coincidentally, I found out from the HR department that they had made an error and withheld too little tax this year, so they made an adjustment to the tune of $300-some dollars. $1000 straight to Uncle Sam. But it was gravy anyway, so can I complain? No...I just wish my boss hadn't told me what the amount was supposed to be, a month before I got it. I had a lot of time to think about what I was going to do with that money!

But it's a good lesson - until it's in your hands, you are not going to be doing too much of anything! So better to cool your jets.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 07 Totals

October 07 Totals

0 - Credit cards
0 - Car
29750 - Student loans

29750 - Total Debt

1910 - Emergency Fund
3800 - 401K

5710 - Total Savings